Bits to Atoms

Bits to Atoms is a Research and Creation lab for Architecture and Design in Beirut Lebanon. It focuses on creative thinking, bringing advanced architecture and design solutions that provide clients all the benefits of digital conception and fabrication.

Bits to Atoms has the largest research lab in the Middle East with 7 axis robotic arm, industrial 3D printers. It uses it to design and craft innovative parametric architectures and designs. Deeply rooted in fabrication know-how and fueled by constant researches on materials and technics the creations of the Lab are providing are opening new potentials and emergent objects.

With a multidimensional practice and cross disciplinary technical knowledge, the office and the workshop's strength lies in the design and fabrication techniques where coding and computing bring to fabrication new design experiences for the users and new opportunities to the developers.

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Guillaume Credoz

Guillaume Crédoz (alias Ghouyoum) is an architect, who worked and lived in France, Canada, Turkey, Syria and is now practicing in Lebanon.
He has been teaching at université du Québec à Montréal and Université de Montréal, both in environment design and architecture.

Having set the first 3Dprinting company and created the first 3Dprinter in the Middle-East;
he has been recognized as a leading figure of the maker movement.
His practice spans from art to architecture including design of appliances and machines.
He has written ‘Efficient Fictions’ a 30p. book compiling an array of design strategies he applied to designs and architectures.

Team Photo


Our team is comprised of individuals coming from various formations: Architects, engineers, landscape architects, coders, Designers.
This international team works in an office in the middle of a large fab lab with horizontal tasks where everybody collaborates.
Our office is developing a unique culture of architecture and design intimately coupled to hands-on manufacturing.
We believe in mixed culture and cross pollination and our office is managed completely horizontally with a community management logic.
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